Friday, 23 September 2016

Sermon: Overcoming Adversity

This is the story of Louise Laflamme . She now heads up one of Hawaii’s largest insurance companies. She was first recruited into the industry as a junior aged 17 and quickly became a senior field agent looking after about 50 small personal clients. After a period of learning from a number of
Senior colleagues at age twenty she was moved to senior sales consultant and given a portfolio consisting of about 100 small corporate clients. Over the next 5 years Louise became the first female in the companies history to achieve induction into the world acclaimed MDRT ( Million dollar round table) For producing sales of at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
After a further five years and after reaching the position of Vice president she decided to leave and set up her own business in Hawaii . she was now 38 and a mother of two girls and served as a school governor and a local alderman.
I met louise Laflamme at a international MDRT meeting at the Royal Albert hall where she was presiding as international MDRT president. I was proud to be a new member and was thinking I had achieved quite a lot I was 34.
Know you might think that louises story up to now was not that inspiring But, In the middle 1950’s on a small farm in California the Laflamme family worked mainly wheat and corn . The family Consisted of mother and father and two children David 14 and Louise who was 4. On a sweltering summer day the family and the farm labourers had just finished for lunch, Mrs Laflamme served up a hearty meal on trestle tables in the farm yard. They had all taken their seats around the table when Mrs Laflamme noticed her daughter louise was missing. She asked David to go and see where she was after a few seconds david was heard to scream for help.
It was his sister louise she had fallen into a small threshing machine. Later in hospital it was revealed that Louise had lost an arm and both legs and the doctors thought she would not make it through the night. As we know she did live and overcame life changing disabilities to be a mom and a business leader of international renown .
We can learn from Louise Laflamme that whilst we may be challenged in many ways god will lay out a path that can be challenging but at the same time not insurmountable. I hope and pray that we can all mirror louises life and reach for the sky.
In Gods Name. Amen
Elder Philip. A Gill

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Official Church Statement: Remembering 9/11

It would be remise of me as the leader of the church if I did not mention that 15 years ago the world stood still, shocked and shaken by what was happening in the United Sates of America in the city of New York. It is important that we mark the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the world trade centre in New York because the worldwide consequences of that day have been immense and have changed our lives forever. The world has not been the same since, we have not know peace since and many lives have been taken in the pursuit of peace since that fateful day.
Here we stand on the anniversary of the day when the world changed and imploded, here we stand remembering those that have gone on to a better life. Here we stand people of faith, and religion praying that the world can find a way to make sure that this kind of tragedy would never happen again, but all to often we have found that hate and suffering and pain and evil have won the day. However as people of faith let us gird our faith about us and remember those that have fallen and never forget them and why they fell and as long as we remember why they fell we shall overcome. Since September the 11th 2001 I think there has been bit of New York in all of us so that no matter what happens, with faith we can be stronger and united, and together we can overcome all evils. We will always remember.
Matthew P. Gill
Prophet & First Elder

Monday, 5 September 2016

Official Church Statement: Child Vaccinations

As the leader of the church and of a faith I am often asked questions on a daily basis on a range of questions some to do with religion others to do with more mundane things however the main thread of these questions is the same what is my counsel on the matters at hand. One question that keeps coming up from time to time and has again this week, is does the church have a stance on child vaccinations? Do we believe in vaccines for children or not? What do I council young parents to do? What have I done with my own children?
This is an emotive subject and one that is still rumbling on today despite the governments of many countries trying to kick the issue in to the long grass and cover it up. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ advises all its members and parents to fully engage in the argument that it raging today about immunisations in children. As a church we would advise young parents to do what is in the best interest if their child and also what is in the best interest of their family. We do not command families to take or not to take up immunisations, however I would advise that they give their children the best chance in life from the very start and for us that would mean not pumping an innocent baby full of chemicals that could and in many cases do harm them. I would never advise any one not to immunise but rather to do it in a way that is best for their child. I would recommend that they be given over a longer period of time rather than all at once as is the prescribed method today. I would advise any parent not to have the MMR triple all in one vaccine but rather to find a clinic that will give their child the vaccines individually over a longer period of time.
The Lord has given us as parents guardianship over these young spirits and it is up to us to do what is best for them, not just to do what is easy because the government of the day tells us it is easy but rather to do what is morally and ethically right by our charges and we would therefore encourage our young people to take their time and think about what they are wanting to put in to your child's body and ask the question is it right and is it necessary? As a parent of three young boys I had to ask myself those same questions and with the help of the Lord and the counsel of my wife we decided that we would not allow our children to be subjected to the MMR triple vaccine but rather opt for them individually and at separate times allowing the body and the immune system time to adjust to what was being imposed upon it. I am happy to say that none of my children have suffered because of vaccines in any way, but I believe that is because of the actions we as parents have taken. I know many parents who did not take the actions we took and have regretted it ever since.
On a more religious tone. I believe as the leader of the church and the standard bearer of my faith it is my job to make sure tat I am advising the membership of our faith and counselling them in the correct ways and actions that should be taken in this world. I believe that as a church we should have options on issues such as these and for us not to would be a gross neglect of our duty. I believe that as leaders we should have firm views on these subjects and the church as well, and that we should make sure that we stand by those views and support our members in the actions they take. In short The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ would recommend that parents should try and refrain from giving their child the combined triple MMR vaccination and instead do all they can to obtain the vaccinations individually at separate times and try and limit the amount of vaccines your child receives overall.
I hope this has answered the question adequately and that you now understand the church's position on this issue. 
Matthew P. Gill
Prophet & First Elder

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Official Church Statement: Extraterrestrial Life

As the leader of the church I am constantly sent emails and Facebook messages about varies issues and topics and one topic that comes up time and time again these days is the issue of extraterrestrial life and life on other planets. The question keeps getting asked of us "Do you believe" "Do you think there are Aliens and life on other planets" Well that is a very interesting question and one that keeps cropping up time and time again and a question that seems to be important to a lot of you out there so I thought that I would take the time and give you all on official answer.
The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ believes in life on other planets we believe in extraterrestrial life and we believe that God has created other worlds and has peopled them. We believe that some have passed away and some are in existence today. We make this bold stance because we have been told so by God himself. In a revelation given to the prophet Joseph Smith in June of 1830 which is now at the beginning of the inspired version of the Bible states in verses 21through to 24 this is what it says concerning life on this earth and others.
21 And the Lord God said unto Moses, For mine own purpose have I made these things. Here is wisdom, and it remaineth in me. And by the word of my power have I created them, which is mine Only Begotten Son, who is full of grace and truth. And worlds without number have I created, and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten. And the first man of all men have I called Adam, which is many. But only an account of this earth, and the inhabitants thereof, give I unto you; for behold there are many worlds which have passed away by the word of my power; and there are many also which now stand, and numberless are they unto man; but all things are numbered unto me; for they are mine, and I know them.
22 And it came to pass, that Moses spake unto the Lord, saying, Be merciful unto thy servant, O God, and tell me concerning this earth, and the inhabitants thereof; and also the heavens, and then thy servant will be content.
23 And the Lord God spake unto Moses, saying, The heavens, they are many and they can not be numbered unto man, but they are numbered unto me, for they are mine; and as one earth shall pass away, and the heavens thereof, even so shall another come; and there is no end to my works, neither to my words; for this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality, and eternal life of man.
24 And now, Moses, my son, I will speak unto you concerning this earth upon which thou standest; and thou shalt write the things which I shall speak. And in a day when the children of men shall esteem my words as naught, and take many of them from the book which thou shalt write, behold I will raise up another like unto thee, and they shall be had again among the children of men, among even as many as shall believe.
So you see God has made it very clear that there have been other worlds that have passed away and some that are now standing, and they all have life on them but he was only going to instruct Moses on the life on this planet. As the prophet and leader of The Latter day Church of Jesus Christ I will not stand back and give a politicians answer but rather I will state what the Lord has stated, yes we do believe in life on other worlds and we do believe that they are out there and they have a loving God and they have a creator who has placed them as he placed us on a planet fit for them to live and thrive and grow. So we are not alone and there is no need to think otherwise because we have Gods word that tells us so. So if you believe as we do then you have a home with us, we will not ridicule you but fine you the answers that you have been missing and those answers are found with God.
Matthew P . Gill
Prophet & First Elder
The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Official Church Statement: The Book of Mormon

With the following words spoken by Elder Russell M. Nelson on 6 July 2016 “There are some things the Book of Mormon is not,” President Nelson said. “It is not a textbook of history, although some history is found within its pages. It is not a definitive work on ancient American agriculture or politics. It is not a record of all former inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, but only of particular groups of people.” The LDS church has now taken a position of distancing itself from the validity of the book of Mormon in a way which many other restoration faiths have done.
It is the firm belief of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ that although we may not understand all of the ways in which the book of Mormon was translated, it is however true. We stand by the book of Mormon and proudly proclaim it is true. We stand by this belief know matter how hard it may be for us to say such things. While all around us the Mormon and restoration world is shrinking from its belief in the book of Mormon and he Prophet Joseph Smith and the way in which the Book of Mormon was brought forth and therefore its worth as a true historical and religious document we at The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ stand firm in our conviction that it is true and it is a real historical document of a part of the Heartlands of the North American Continent and that it speaks of three different people groups who travelled to the North American continent.
We stand firm in our conviction that Joseph Smith is and was a prophet of God, no matter his faults and short comings and through him the book of Mormon was translated and came to us today. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ continues the work left by the early church and our prophet brother Joseph, we build on the foundation he laid which includes the book of Mormon and we stand by its truth and validity.
Matthew P. Gill
Prophet & First Elder

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sermon: Scriptures

Dear brothers and sisters.
I really struggled with this talk for today, although I was given half a week to complete it, I Procrastinated. I admit it; I found numerous other things to do other than start on my talk and that included watching TV. So last night I sat at the table and though what can I do my talk on, I thought, how about procrastination? Nope I've done a talk on that before. I looked through the friend for inspiration, none came. Matthew came down and said just read something from one of your books; I said nope cant do that as I told Levi that he had to write his from scratch. I thought how about Levis chores that we chose, how we wanted to keep his mind, body and spirit active during the holidays, nope to boring. I'll have a look at the personal progress online for some more ideas for Levis chore list, which was me procrastinating again. Do you know they have changed it so much, there used to be 'find and name a certain number of constellations' 'learn how to tell the time using the sun' and so on, now its boring, I cant think of another word for it, they want the women to learn homemaking skills, how to clean the house properly, how to clean clothes properly, to write about our feelings with regards to certain scriptures and to memorise hymns... so obviously I wont be using that for too much inspiration for levis chore list.
So in the end I came back to one of my first thoughts, its not one I mentioned before.
Pokémon Go...
There are so many people outside at this very moment with their phones in their hands looking up, looking down, looking left, looking right and missing the whole world around them, their aim is to catch Pokémon and train them. Imagine if they had to catch or find scripture characters and complete a task for them instead, would the game be as great, no, not because it would be boring because it wouldn't be, anything can be made exciting if you advertise it right but it wouldn't be as great because of that one word 'scriptures', scriptures mean God, scriptures mean rules, scriptures mean loads of text that is sometimes difficult to understand.
I read a book recently and it took me two days to complete it from start to end but I struggle to read the scriptures, on a Sunday during Sunday school I am fine but during the week on my own, I really struggle, to be honest I don't even think about them, I've lost count how many times I've read 1st Nephi.
But Heavenly Father never said that he wanted us to read it all in a few days or even a few weeks, he didn't say that we had to start at first Nephi, although it is a good starting point, what he did tell us was to search, ponder and pray. If we have to read the same verse 5 times over before we understand it then we have to read it 5 times over. Instead of saying to ourselves I'll read a chapter a day or 10 verses a day instead we should say that we are going to read for 30 minutes a day, if that means that we've only read 2 verses in that 30 minutes then so be it. I remember when I was little and my mum was even more busy than she usually is, she used to read her scriptures whilst eating breakfast, 10 minutes, but that 10 minutes she was not only nourishing her body but also her soul.
I am going to task you all to read 5 minutes of scriptures per day and try to build it up so that by the time you get to the end of august you are reading 30 minutes of scriptures per day. I am. Let's give Pokémon Go a run for its money.
I leave these words with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
Sister Vicki Gill

Sermon: The Garden of Eden

Most Bible and religious commentaries state that the site of the Garden of Eden was in the Middle East, situated somewhere near where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are today, but what does scripture actually tell us? Based on the description given in Genesis 2:8–17:
The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden. . . . Now a river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from there it parted and became four riverheads. The name of the first is Pishon. . . . The name of the second river is Gihon. . . . The name of the third river is Hiddekel [Tigris]. . . . The fourth river is the Euphrates.
Even the great theologian John Calvin struggled over the exact location of the Garden of Eden. In his commentary on Genesis he states: Moses says that one river flowed to water the garden, which afterwards would divide itself into four heads. It is sufficiently agreed among all, that two of these heads are the Euphrates and the Tigris; for no one disputes that . . . (Hiddekel) is the Tigris. But there is a great controversy respecting the other two. Many think, that Pison and Gihon are the Ganges and the Nile; the error, however, of these men is abundantly refuted by the distance of the positions of these rivers. Persons are not wanting who fly across even to the Danube; as if indeed the habitation of one man stretched itself from the most remote part of Asia to the extremity of Europe. But since many other celebrated rivers flow by the region of which we are speaking, there is greater probability in the opinion of those who believe that two of these rivers are pointed out, although their names are now obsolete. Be this as it may, the difficulty is not yet solved. For Moses divides the one river which flowed by the garden into four heads. Yet it appears, that the fountains of the Euphrates and the Tigris were far distant from each other.
Calvin recognised that the description given in Genesis 2 concerning the location of the Garden of Eden does not fit with what is observed regarding the present Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. God’s Word makes it clear that the Garden of Eden was located where there were four rivers coming from one head. No matter how one tries to fit this location in the Middle East today, it just can’t be done. Interestingly, Calvin goes on to say: From this difficulty, some would free themselves by saying that the surface of the globe may have been changed by the deluge.
This is a major consideration that needs to be taken into account. The worldwide, catastrophic Flood of Noah’s day would have destroyed the surface of the earth. If most of the sedimentary strata over the earth’s surface (many thousands of feet thick in places) is the result of this global catastrophe as creationists believe, then we would have no idea where the Garden of Eden was originally located, the earth’s surface totally changed as a result of the Flood.  Not only this, but underneath the region where the present Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are located there exists hundreds of feet of sedimentary strata, a significant amount of which is fossiliferous. Such fossil-bearing strata had to be laid down at the time of the Flood, this is nit a debatable issue.
Therefore, no one can logically suggest that the area where the present Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are today is the location of the Garden of Eden, for this area is sitting on Flood strata containing billions of dead things (fossils). The perfect Garden of Eden can’t be sitting on billions of dead things before sin entered the world! This being the case, the question then is why are there rivers named Tigris and Euphrates in the Middle East today? Many wrongly conclude that the Garden of Eden was somewhere in the Middle East based on the names of the rivers in Genesis 2.
In many places around the world that once belonged to the great British Empire, one will recognize many names that are also used in England (e.g., Newcastle, London, York). The reason is that when the settlers came out from England to their new lands, they used names they were familiar with in England to name new places/towns in their new lands. Another example is the names given to many rivers in the United States. There is the Thames River in Connecticut, the Severn River in Maryland, and the Trent River in North Carolina, all named for prominent rivers in the UK.
In a similar way, when Noah and his family came out of the ark after it landed in the area we today call the Middle East (the region of the Mountains of Ararat), it would not have been surprising for them to use names they were familiar with from the pre-Flood world (e.g., Tigris and Euphrates), to name places and rivers, etc., in the world after the Flood.
Ultimately, we have a march on the Christian world in as much as we have modern prophets and modern prophecy. In that great gift we have been told rough location of the Garden of Eden through the great restoration of truth and the great prophet Joseph Smith. The position of the Saints today, with respect to the much discussed location of the Garden of Eden is that its is located in North America in Jackson County Missouri. This is our firm belief given to us by the word of God and we stand by that. It is a fact that Adam, after his expulsion from the Garden of Eden, lived in the vicinity of the great Missouri and Mississippi rivers. As his descendants multiplied, they would naturally settle along the fertile and climatically acceptable river valleys. When the flood came in the days of Noah, the Mississippi drainage must have increased to a tremendous volume, quite in harmony with the Biblical account. Noah's ark would be floated on the mighty, rushing waters, towards the Gulf of Mexico. With favourable winds, given by God it would cross the Atlantic to the Eastern continents. There the human race, in its second start on earth, began to multiply and fill the earth and settle in what is now called the Middle East.
So we state with a certainty that no other Christian faith can, that, the location of the Garden of Eden is in America, and at Independence, Missouri. This fact clears up many a problem which the Bible account of Eden and its garden has left in the minds of students for many years. Still today many men, great men of God do not know what we know concerning the location of the Garden of Eden and its location. However it must still be remembered and understood that no matter where you believe the Garden was located to insist that the Garden was located in the area around the present Tigris and Euphrates Rivers is to deny the catastrophic effects of the global Flood of Noah’s day, and to allow for death before sin, this is of major importance and something that we must never forget. The flood again played an integral part in the garden story and as it does in all our lives brings us closer to the living God.
Matthew P Gill

Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Testimony of the Saviour

Enquiring of the Lord about the topic of my talk and after receiving the direction that I should bear testimony that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God and he died for us. As I am entitled as a follower of Jesus Christ to know through the Holy Ghost that Jesus is my personal saviour and the saviour of all mankind I pronounce that he was restored to life following his crucifixion.
My, our testimony comes from the Holy Ghost. We know from modern day revelation the identity of the third member of the Godhead. Through the priesthood we receive the witness from the holy ghost that guides and directs our decisions. I desire to convey to all who hear or read this address that your hearts may be opened and that you will know that I speak of truth. The words of the Hymn “I BELIEVE IN CHRIST” we take from this that salvation begins and ends with our Heavenly Father, and he is offering to us a life akin to his to posses and enjoy his power for eternity.
In our pre existent state we learned of the plan of salvation this plan would allow us to come to earth and progress, and go back to our father in glory and knowledge. Because of sin we needed a mediator this came in the guise of Jesus Christ who without him we would be unable to satisfy our Father in heaven.
In the Book of Mormon we establish the position of the Saviour in our earthly progression. Joseph Smith was once asked about the principles of our faith, he answered "the fundamental principles of our faith are the testimony of our apostles and prophet concerning Jesus Christ and that he died for us"
(History of the church vol3,p30)
We must always convey to the world and our followers the message that the atoning sacrifice of our saviour is at the heart of our faith. Without this there would be neither immortality or exaltation.
As followers of the gospel as contained in the Bible , Book of Mormon, and the Book of Jaraneck  we are able to live the glorious thing that has happened in this the last days the windows of heaven are open and through our Prophet Matthew Gill we receive the direction of our Father who wants us to know of the great work of his son. My voice as a witness of the saviour is to testify that of the divinity and truthfulness of his works amongst the children of our heavenly father on earth. The testimony I bear is one who knows for a surety that Jesus is the Christ echoing the testimonies of countless followers down the years from 1820. We owe much to Joseph Smith who ushered in this special Message by being instrumental in the bringing to the human race the message contained in the Book of Mormon this message of course is simple,
"Be led by the holy ghost" without this we are like a ship without a compass.
In this day we as followers of the Saviour and adherents to direction of our Prophet Matthew Gill who talks with our saviour and receives commands for our benefit. I proclaim  the truths and desires in my heart to have  people believe and obey. The salvation of mankind is in the gift of Jesus Christ and wishes us to gain exaltation and once again walk in the steps of our heavenly father.
In The Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Second Elder Philip Gill

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