Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Welcome to the Christmas message from The Latter Day Church of Christ.

What a wonderful season! It truly is wonderful to be a Christian in December.

The Christmas season is a time for us to reflect on the birth of the saviour. It is a time for us to turn our attention to his birth and the meaning behind the birth. But not only that it is a time for us to look inward at the sorts of people we are. It is a time for us to become more like him who's birth we celebrate on the 25th of December.

We just wish to say to all who read this that we are so glad that we can worship the saviour on this very special day. We are Mormons but above all else we are Christians and we love the saviour, that is why when Christmas comes we join with every body and sing praise to him. Christmas as we have said is a wonderful time of year. It is a time to give gifts and to sing carols and to eat more than we can sometimes handle. But we stress to all that above all else this is a celebration of the saviours birth and it is to him that we owe so much.
As a church we have decide that this Christmas all our members will be giving gifts to less fortunate children who by no fault of their own will not be getting gifts this year unless people like you and i give them. Remember that it is the season of the Christ and he gave us the ultimate gift. I like to think on the words of our prophet when Christmas comes around and what he had to say concerning the giving of gifts at Christmas.

“Many people believe that we give gifts at Christmas as a symbol of the gifts the wise men brought to the cradle side of the saviour. As nice as this is, i like to think when i give gifts that i am doing this in similitude of the greatest gift that the saviour gave to us. That gift was the atonement. For that gift is transcendent above all else. That gift is worth more than all the gold, frankincense and myrrh put together. And it is that gift, the gift of the atonement that i think we should all keep in our minds when we give on Christmas morning. I believe that if we held that thought in our minds every Christmas season then we would be moved to do more for the needy and the hungry and those without. I love the Christmas season it is wonderful and magical at the same time. And i love my saviour. When i give my gifts on Christmas day i will be doing it in similitude of that glorious atonement” The Prophet Matthew Gill

What a wonderful thing to think on at Christmas when we are giving to our family and loved ones.

Sunday the 10th was the start of our countdown to Christmas we had the wonderful opportunity to start the magical story of the birth of our saviour and the events that lead up to his birth. Elder Philip Gill was asked by the prophet to give a series of talks that will lead up to the 25th of December and the ultimate story of hope and life. We are holding a carol service on the 24th of December and all who wish to attend are welcome to come and sing with us in filling the air with the true spirit of Christmas. We hope you have a very merry Christmas and that you feel of the Saviours love at this wonderful time of year. In the immortal words of Tiny Tim

“God bless us every one”

Merry Christmas To all

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