Wednesday, 3 January 2007

2006 has gone, Welcome to 2007!

Hello and welcome back we hope that every body enjoyed their Christmas holidays and felt the love of the Saviour at that very special time of year.

2007 is looking like it is going to be a fantastic year for the church. We have sent the translated manuscript the "Book of Jeraneck" which is a 110 page document to the publishers. The manuscript was approved by our prophet just before the Christmas holidays and it has now gone off to be published and we are awaiting its return with great excitement.

We have finished the Hymn book and that is also off to the publishes and we have another book going in to in publication, the long awaited “Prophesy and Revelation” so all in all it looks like being a great year for pushing the work of the Lord forward.

Our meetings begin again on the 7th of January 2007 and we are grateful to be able to meet again as followers of the Christ and to worship in his name. The Latter Day Church of Christ’ s mission for 2007 is to bring people to a Knowledge of the “Book of Jeraneck” and help people come to know the Saviour better and help them enrich their lives. The lord truly is with us. The Prophet Matthew Gill translated the records in just under three months and the spirit that was felt was inspiring. We hope that all who read the words of the “Book of Jeraneck” will be able to feel of that same spirit.

Below is a quote from our founder Joseph Smith Jr. Read what he said about the book of Mormon.

Great opposition and much persecution followed the believers of [the Book of Mormon's] authenticity; but it had now come to pass that truth had sprung out of the earth; and righteousness had looked down from heaven—so we feared not our opponents, knowing that we had both truth and righteousness on our side; that we had both the Father and the Son, because we had the doctrines of Christ and abided in them.(Times and Seasons Dec 1 1842)

We to feel of this same persecution every day but we will not deny what we have seen and felt. We have a further testimony of the divinity of the Saviour and this further testimony along with the Book of Mormon the Bible and the Doctrine and Covenants will be our driving force this year to swell our ranks and bring people to a further knowledge of their Lord.

We will be updating this site every week as we did last year with news and inspirational quotes. We wish all a very happy new year for 2007 and we hope that it brings you all the good fortune that The Almighty may wish to lay at your feet.

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