Monday, 26 February 2007

Here we are again another week has passed and although we missed placing a blog page last week we have a lot of news to post this time around.

We are pleased to announce that the Book of Jeraneck is complete and that we are now just awaiting the delivery of the books themselves. The Book of Jeraneck is to be used as a companion to the Book of Mormon and the Bible it stands as a further Testimony of Jesus Christ. It has been a hard long road but the Lord has blessed us with the swift completion of the printing. We would like to thank all those that were involved with the publishing and the printing of the books. We would like to thank Wesley and the countless others at Print on demand for all his hard work and his perseverance. We would like to thank the Lord God for his hand of guidance and his willingness to help his people bring about this marvellous work. The Latter Day Church of Christ would like to welcome all those who wish to know about this great work to please contact our offices and ask to speak to one of our representatives who will be more than happy to speak to you.

The Church is due to move in to its new building within the next couple of weeks. It will be a dedicated place where we can worship and come together in praise of the Father and the Son. The prophet announced this in our meeting last week. When he announced it all present said that they felt the Holy Spirit bare witness that the Lord himself was with us in that very meeting, the Prophet said, “The time has come my brothers and sisters for the church to move into its own building. We have laboured hard and we have done all that the Lord has asked of us. The road has been hard. Many have tried to pull us down to the very pits of hell, but we have bore witness of what we are doing, that the work that we are about is true. I know that the Lord wishes his saints to worship and to praise him in a place befitting the sacrifice that we have made. I ask you all now to work with us to make this new home a place that the lord would be comfortable in, a place of hope and refuge form the coming storms, for they are coming and they are coming with great force to try and destroy the very work that we are doing. God bless you my friends and may our new home be as good to us as this one is. May God bless and keep you”

We are so grateful that God has blessed us with this new wonderful opportunity. I was at the meeting last week and I can testify now that our Prophet Matthew Gill is called of god and that he is receiving revelation form God. There is so much work ahead and we welcome all those that won’t to help to come and help build the kingdom of Zion. Come listen to a modern Prophet of God who walks the earth today.

If you wish to find out more you can contact us on the following email

Alternatively you can call us by phone on 01283 735 705 or you can write to us at:

55 Sherbourne Drive
DE65 5NJ

We hold regular Sunday meetings at the above address which are open to all they commence at 10 o’clock and end at one o’clock all are welcome so please feel free to come along.

May god bless your week

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