Monday, 12 February 2007

It is truly a wonderful opportunity that we have to speak to the world through this blog site. We have had a truly wonderful couple of weeks. We have been blessed with further revelation and we are truly thankful for the Lord and his presence within The Latter Day Church of Christ.

This week I have been asked to state our position on Stonehenge, what with all the publicity on the television this week. Our Prophet has asked if we can make The Latter Day Church of Christ's position on Stonehenge clear. So where do we stand?
The Latter Day Church of Christ's position is simple we know through modern day revelation and scripture that Stonehenge is a very special place. We know that Stonehenge was the temple of The People of Light spoken of in the Book of Jeraneck. We know that around about Stonehenge or not to far from it lived a thriving community of people who worshipped the Saviour and held him as there one true God. The Latter Day Church of Christ are privileged to have all this knowledge through the Book of Jeraneck and we know that Stonehenge is a very special and place. We know that it was last used as a temple for the worship of God by the Prophet Jeraneck and his people and that he was martyred there by the worshippers of the devil. Our Stance is simple. We hold it as a sacred place, a special place a place of God, and we have the record of an ancient people who also held it in the same regard.
The Latter Day Church of Christ would like to encourage all of the country to listen to its message, to read the words of the prophets of The People of Light contained in the Book of Jeraneck. Our prophet describe his feelings when he walked around that ancient site as overwhelming. This is what he had to say about it during a church conference we held back in 2006 just before our Christmas break.
“What an honour it was to walk around that beautiful site. To walk where once a great and mighty people of god had once walked. As i walked around the site i could feel of its sacredness and i could feel of its holiness. It truly was a magnificent experiences to have had. I would encourage all of you to make the journey to see it for your self and to feel of its holy nature. How blessed we are to be in a position to know of the truth of this holy place, how privileged are we to have the knowledge of what went on here being revealed to us today. I thank god that we are here today to feel of that revealing spirit so that one day our children may also feel of this same spirit”

So we plead once again with all those people who wish to know about the truth to come and worship with us. We hope to see and speak with you soon.

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