Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Welcome. It is always a pleasure to let the world know what is going on in the Lords kingdom. The Latter Day Church of Christ has had a very busy weekend. Our Prophet has received further revelation on topics that are of great interest to the world and that clarify certain points .

This last couple of days has seen the dreaded bird flu on the TV and this has really caught our eye. All these things that are happening now are no surprise to us, the members of the Latter Day Church of Christ as we were told last year in a revelation from God that these things would happen that a cloud in the shape of a bird would cover the land. We here at the Latter Day Church of Christ are not surprised by what we are seeing in the world and in this country at the moment as our prophet has seen them all unfold and has written them down. This is why we are so earnestly trying to establish Zion's camp so that it can act as a refuge for all those that seek safety from the world and from the calamity that this virus will bring. We would encourage anyone who reads this to come and listen to our Prophet speak of these things and listen to his words. He is lead by God and God is guiding us. This is not the end of the panic on the TV we will see more of it. We here at The Latter Day Church of Christ are not in a state of panic we are preparing to face these things as the Lord has directed us to do so. If we fulfil that which he has asked and do it with a faithful heart then he will be with us. Join with us and help prepare!
We have been set a task by the Saviour to take the Book of Jeraneck to all who will listen to its message.

We have been told that the Book of Jeraneck is primarily for the people living here in the UK and it is to them that this great and marvellous work should go to first. Once we have fulfilled that call then we shall be permitted to take it to the rest of the world or to all those who will listen to its message. The Saviour has also told us that certain books are to be added to the Bible books that are pleasing unto him we shall start this work in the next couple of weeks and hopefully be able to take a Bible to the world that the Lord approves of.
We feel that the world is drawing to its close. We await the return of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. We are not the monsters we have been made out to be we only want to serve the Lord Jesus. Our books of Jeraneck are ready to be shipped, the lord is quickening his work and he is behind his saints.

God bless and keep you. Come and see us. Come and listen to the voice of a modern day Prophet of God. We are here every Sunday from 10:00. If you wish to visit with us on any other day please call or just come and see us, we welcome all who wish to hear a Prophets voice and bask in the glory of the Almighty God.

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