Thursday, 15 March 2007

Greetings from the Latter Day Church of Christ. We have had a very eventful couple of weeks from the last time we posted on the blog site. A number of new revelations have been given to the church from the Lord. They have given very specific things that we must do first with regards to the building up of Zion’s Camp and then secondly the celebration of Easter and the Passover. The Lord has given the church the charge to build up his church and to cry repentance unto the inhabitants of the British Isles. We at The Latter Day Church of Christ will go forth and proclaim to the nation repentance and we must stand firm. We must be valiant and live up to the responsibility that Lord has given us. We will not look back upon our nation as did Mormon and Moroni and weep for the loss of a great people. We here at The Latter Day church of Christ are willing to do whatever the Lord asks to bring all who will listen in to the fold of the mighty Shepard even the very Saviour Jesus Christ.

Without going too much in to that on the blog site let me just say that these revelations are wonderful news to the church they clarify points of interest and they also clarify points of doctrine. The hardback copies of the Book of Jeraneck have now been delivered to us. The new meeting house is now on order and we will soon be in our new home. The church has been given permission by the local council to conduct missionary work in the local town of Burton-upon-Trent. We aim to spend as much of our time in the town handing out pass along cards and also speaking and teaching with people.

It has come to the attention of the church that some of you who read this wish to find out more about the church. Please feel free to contact us and speak to us. Please make arrangements to come and worship with us on Sundays. All are very welcome to come and see us and ask us any questions that you might have. We are here as representatives of the Saviour. You will see the times of our meetings on the previous blog.

We hope you all have a great week and we look forward to speaking with whoever wants to find out more about the work that we are engaged in. God Bless.

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