Thursday, 8 March 2007

It has been a wonderful week for the church this week finally the Books of Jeraneck have been delivered and we are in the process of going through them and readying them. We are being blessed so much as a church and now that we have these wonder books that bear witness of the Saviour and of the Ancient inhabitants of this country we can see how much the Lord has blessed us. The book Jeraneck testifies of the former ancient inhabitants of this great country. It tells of their trials their victories their loves and their losses. The Book of Jeraneck testify of the peoples love of the Saviour and how we can feel apart of that love. It tells of their many Prophets and their dealings with the Lord this truly is a great time for the people of this nation. The Lord has revealed his love for us by giving this book to us as a witness that he has always been looking out for us and that he has blessed this land that we now inhabit. Many of the things that we now take for granted in our worship have been clarified through reading the Book of Jeraneck. Many new things have been added upon. We are for the first time readings about new things that need to be done within the temple and things that don’t need to be done. What a great gift we have been given form the Lord.

We have made enquires about getting some concept art work done for the Book of Jeraneck and we are still waiting to hear back from the artist involved. We hope to be able to make them available for sale to all and to have them in the second edition of the book.

Moving on from the Book of Jeraneck the Prophet has had another revelation given to him concerning the days to come and the troubles that await us. This revelation was more for the members of the church than it was for those outside of the church but the message is still relevant for all. We need to prepare for the times of darkness that are coming. We need to be not only spiritually prepared but also physically. The church is gathering food and medicine and all kinds of provisions to be taken to Zion’s camp when it is set up. Zion’s camp will represent a place of refuge form the coming storms were all who wish to be protected can go and seek that safety that will be found wonting by most people who are not prepared. We have seen what happens to a people when they depart from the ways of the lord the many books of scripture testify of that and we are going to be prepared for any eventuality.

The invitation is still open to all those who wish to come and listen to a living Prophet, he is here and he is led by God. We hope to see you on Sunday.

(The Latter Day Church of Christ would like to send it deepest condolences to Sister Barbara Taylor whose husband brother Rod Taylor went home to his Father in Heaven this week. Although they are not members of our congregation we have known them both for a very long time and we wish Sister Taylor all the best during this trying time...)

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