Friday, 22 June 2007

It would seem that the saying “You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink” is very true. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you do some people never seem to want to embrace the truth. This blog is written by many members of the church not just by one person, it is true to day that it is compiled by one person, but many people contribute to its content. We are not afraid to tell the truth no matter how much some people wish to hid from it. We as a church have had many people come and sit in discussion with us, some have been more open than others, but there are some that would wish to engage in secret discussions to save face with those of other Mormon sects. We will not condone this act. It says in the Book of Mormon that secret acts are not of God but of the devil...we are not ashamed to say that we have had many LDS Mormons in our midst wanting to know the truth, but that many of them only hear what they want and many are so afraid to be found out that they either stop coming or they deny that the meetings ever took place. It makes me wonder what sort of people they are as to have such a terrifying hold over other people, and what lies they are told to keep hold of these people. We are believers in the Christ, we worship him and we pay tribute to him in our worship. We want all people especially those LDS Mormons to see past the lies and falsehoods of the history of the LDS church. Wake up see the lies that you have been told and come and hear what we have to say.

The Prophet of the church has asked if the following statement be added to the blog this week, so I have posted it on the blog:-

I know without a doubt that we are doing is of God. However many others either do not believe this or are indifferent about not only our beliefs but their own. I know what I am going to say now will not be embraced with anything else other than hatred and guile, but I wish to stress that I say these words with compassion and love in my heart and I say them with the authority of God himself. Many people including members of my extended family have not the slightest clue of what we teach or even believe in. Many of my extended family don't even have what can be termed a testimony of the religions they are apart of. I say this because they have not fulfilled much of the criteria for having a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet they continue to carry on in the religion and the beliefs they have become accustomed to because the pull of such things is stronger than themselves, as such they have become like the Lamanites of the Book of Mormon or even the children of Lioneck of the Book of Jeraneck. We know from reading the lectures on faith that it is by knowledge that we can know God for knowledge breeds faith and that knowledge will allow us to see the very face of God. We are first to study and learn and then and only then can we know that God lives. Many people including my extended family have never read the Book of Mormon let alone study it, neither have they ever read the Bible Old and New testament, not to mention the Doctrine and Covenants. It seems that to do as the scriptures state we must first read then gain a knowledge, for example how can you truly know that Joseph Smith Jr is a true Prophet of God if you have never read the Book of Mormon, which is the very key stone of the man and his mission, not to mention the Doctrine and Covenants which contain the doctrines and commandments of God given through Joseph Smith Jr the Prophet, the answer you cant, its impossible and to think otherwise is just plain stupidity and foolishness. My extended family and they know who they are, are in what I like to term the bubble zone. They are so content and comfortable that they just coast along. I remember a conversation I had with one of my extended family a while ago and they admitted that as long as you feel comfortable at church that is all that matters, is it, is it all that matters? To Enoch and his family I say this, one day the Lord will ask “Who's side are you on” “What knowledge have you gained of my gospel” and we will have to stand ready to answers. We cant afford to be fence sitters its just not what God wants, remember he says that he will spew forth from his mouth all those that are lukewarm. What are you? It is more noble to say that I don't know what is true and withdraw and find out than it is to hide yourself away and just carry on as normal. Some times it is hard to do but the rewards are great. That brings me on to the Book of Jeraneck. How many have you have read it? I know who has copies and who hasn't. My extended family have a copy, have they read it have they prayed about it? Most of them would rather pick at it try to find fault rather than come to me and ask me about it, why? The answers to these things are to be found in the sentences above. A family from the LDS church also have a copy of the book and they are also just picking at it. Now i say to you, ask yourselves this. Are the questions that you asked us to answer that night you came to our house still relevant in your mind? are they still troubling you? Then do what your heart and spirit are telling you to do and stop fighting it.

I love all those that wish to seek the truth and i love all those that are stuck in there ways. However the truth is here it is within your reach don't let things like jobs or pier pressure stop you from embracing the truth or even talking about it with us, remember it says by their fruits ye shall know them. If you lose friends or jobs because of the decision you make to come unto us and talk and embrace what we have to say then they are not very goods fruits to be had in the first place. I know that what we have now is real the Book of Jeraneck is true and the that God has given that ancient record to us because it is relevant to our day and to our circumstances. I pray that you will look beyond the horizon and come and see and talk to us. Amen

I would like to thank the Prophet for the words that he has put on the blog I'm sure that the Lord will bless who ever reads them to come and enquire about what we are doing. Other news now. We have been given the first of six pictures that the church has had commissioned. They depict events in the Book of Jeraneck and they will be published with the second edition of the Book of Jeraneck and will also be available for people to buy as individual copies to go in their homes. We have also complied several books for people to read that concern our beliefs and also there is now available a collection of all the revelations that the church has had. This is not the Book of Prophesy and Revelation but a separate book that the the church has had made so that they can be given to all those that wish to read them. We have also registered the name The Times and Seasons Publishing as the publishing arm of the church and all books will carry a logo with those word from now on. The long awaited DVD and on-line video of the General Assembly Meeting is in the process of being completed so we are expecting that in the coming week.
The Lord is progressing the work and the Lord is blessing us. We must continue to do as he commands and I know that as we do this that he will bless us. Once again the invitation is open to all those that wish to attend the Sunday Sacrament and Sunday school service. The services start at 10 o'clock am on Sunday and we would love to see you there. All the relevant info can be obtained by calling us or emailing us. Until then God be with you. amen

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