Wednesday, 13 June 2007

What a week it has been for the church. A wonderful event happened last Friday when we were visited by the Hill family. The Hills have done everything that the pictures to the right says, they have knoked and the Lord has answerd. They were fantastic asking questions and listening to what we had to say, they are wonderful people and they are trying very hard to find the truth and to understand the gospel, I hope that we have many more conversations and discussions with the Hill’s and we hope that they will embrace the words of the Prophet Matthew Gill and become members of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ.

The second edition of the Book of Jeraneck is all ready for the printers we are just awaiting the illustrations that the church has had commissioned to be completed and then it along with the other books ready for printing will be sent to the publishers for the final work to begin. You might have noticed that the blog site has changed? It was given a revamp in the attempt to get more information on the page itself.

Now we come to a part of this weeks blog that we thought needed attention. We were left a comment on the blog last week, we don’t mind comments in fact we welcome them, however this one and other comments that we have had are very cynical. To the person who left the comment last week. Revelation, what is it do you understand the meaning of revelation? It would seem not. You accuse us of regurgitating and using things that have already been said, tell me have you ever read the Doctrine and Covenants? Try this and then come back and make an argument when you know what you are talking about. The Lord gives our Prophet Matthew P Gill words to say and sometimes images, these things a are for the benefit of the people that he gives them to and if the Lord uses a sentence or a words that are in a previous revelation who are we to argue with the Lord…after all they are his words. However if you feel qualified to do this please be our guests and go ahead and make your case with him. May be you are an LDS member who has never really understood the meaning of Revelation, this would not be a surprise as you have never had a Prophet of God in your midst before, so I can understand you getting confused. Our Prophet Matthew P Gill has given many revelations and has Prophesied many things to the church and also to other people, as you have never read them your argument holds no substance.

Let me say once again as the web administrator we welcome all who comment on our site and about what you read, however commenting is one thing being rude, ill mannered and
un-Christ like is not something that we welcome. The Prophet has asked that I remind you all that we are trying to bring people unto Christ and Christ alone. Please remember this.

To all those that have received revelations, the Lord is giving you these for a purpose, that purpose is not for you to do nothing but to go to him in prayer and fasting and finally to come to a conclusion about what you have read, remember we are hear if you need to talk about what you have received, the Lord God wants you to rejoice in what you have been blessed with.

Until next week brothers and sisters we hope you all have a pleasant week and that God enriches your lives with his presence and love.

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