Thursday, 16 August 2007

It seems that not every body understands what the Book of Jeraneck is or what it is about. It seems that some people think that it is a rehash of the Book of Mormon only set in Britain, or a substitute fro the Bible or Book of Mormon. So for this week we are going to try to let everyone now what the Book of Jeraneck is about and what makes it different from the Book of Mormon, note we say different not better than. The Latter day Church of Jesus Christ holds the Book of Mormon and the Bible as a sacred books of scripture.

The Book of Jeraneck is a further witness of Jesus Christ. It is a history of a people who fled the destruction of the tower of Babel. Now the tower of babel is mentioned in the Bible briefly in genesis Chapter 11 it was tower build to reach the heavens. we suppose and of course this only a guess that the tower of babel was somewhere in the region of modern day Iraq so that would be Persia or Babylon . The towers destruction is not mentioned in Genesis but it is mentioned here in the Book of Jeraneck and also in the Book of Ether in the book of Mormon. To answer the critics who say that this record has not one single old testament reference we say look a little closer. But firstly this is a record not kept by Jews they make no reference to old testament prophets because ultimately they are not Jews don't forget the Bible was only formed in to the bible as we have it years after the life and death of Jesus Christ. We don't even know how complete the Bible is. The other thing that has been asked is why do we not here mention of Christ visiting the people in Britain. This is simple relay they were warned that if they did not remain faithful that privilege would be taken form them and that they would not get to witness that event, however remember that this history took place years before he was even born. The Jaredite history in the book of Mormon could be asked the same thing. If the people of light had been faithful who knows maybe they would have seen the Christ walk among them, we still don't know that he didn't, because we don't yet have all the record of this people given to us only a part. The people in the Book of Jeraneck are not Jewish and therefore as the Bible is a Jewish record we find few examples of the people in the Book of Jeraneck using names from the old Testament. The people in the Book of Jeraneck were commanded by God to journey from the vicinity surrounding the tower of Babel to a new land that was promised them by God.

After many years of wondering in the wilderness and after a group of them broke of from the main group and went their own way the main group that kept Gods law came to what is today known a Carnac in France. There they stayed many years and after a time were commanded to build ships and sail to the land that they had been promised.

When the people arrived in Great Britain they set about building buildings and temples and homes. They built a temple at the place they call the Plains of Shainnon which is modern day Salisbury plain and Stonehenge. The temple was destroyed eventually because of the people s wickedness. The people in the Book of Jeraneck were led to Great Britain and they recorded there history on many records. The final Prophet who was called Jeraneck made it his life's work to compile a history on to one records of the people, so he took the meat of the history of his people and laid it down on 24 plates he called the plates of Jeraneck. Just before Jeraneck takes up the sword in defence of those who remain with him he gives the record to God for safe keeping until the time comes when his son who had gone in to hiding is ready to bring them forth again to the lords servant. We know that Jeraneck's son delivered that record to us.

The Book of Jeraneck stands as a witness of Jesus Christ, not in the fact that he came to the people in the flesh and lived among them but in the fact that he spoke to them and that he directed their lives and that the people loved him and followed his council, this stands as a testimony that god speaks to all his children not just a select few. We The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ believe that there are lots and lots of records that testify of people all over the world that lived by gods law and spoke with him, and we wait for that day with eager anticipation when we shall have them and be able to read them. However if there remain people in opposition to this then there fruits shall be lost to them. Those people have become like the persecutors of Joseph Smith Jr who said that the Book of Mormon could not be a book of scripture because they already had a Bible and what need for they to have another one, in short they missed the point and therefore the opportunity to better understand God. We are saying the same here, the Book of Jeraneck testifies that Christ lives and that he loves us and that there were once other people that worshipped him and called him master and lord. I believe that the Book of Jeraneck is a wonderful example of how when people forget God they forget who they are and with that comes the end.

My wish is that all those that now ridicule this book and its message and who slate it will one day remember who they are and what God promised in the Doctrine and Covenants is now coming forth that he would indeed give his people more records of the children of God that testify that he is the one true Lord of us all. I ask that you read the Book for yourselves and put to the test what Jeraneck asks near the end of the book, read it with an open mind not a closed one. Christ can not enter a closed door we must be willing to let him in.

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