Friday, 10 August 2007

Once again welcome one and all. What a busy week we have had here at The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ. We would like to thank all those people who have written e-mails and requested Books of Jeraneck, it is a real pleasure to be able to answer all the e-mails and to see the interest that you all have for the work that we are doing, once again thank you and God Bless.

Now as some of you may be aware the church had commissioned some art work to be done for the second edition of the Book of Jeraneck. We are well within our target to get the art work done and I have to say the quality of the work of the artist is fantastic. We have some new pictures to share with you all this week. We are still awaiting a further three pieces from the artist which will hopefully be finished by the end of this month. As for the word layout for the second edition, this has been sent to the printers and we are waiting final approval on that as well. We are hoping that by the end of August we will have the entire second edition done and dusted.

Now as the administrator for this week I have been asked to let every body know that we are always available on Sundays for Sunday worship if you feel that you wish to partake of the service then please come by and join with us. We begin at ten o'clock and although we are a small congregation we welcome all to come and join with us and see what we have to offer, we especially call on all those Mormons who need to fill part of there testimony or knowledge that is not being done by other Mormon denominations, however what ever religious leaning or not you are all welcome. I have also asked the Prophet Matthew Gill to include a small message from him this week that I think is most appropriate for the times we live in today, this was written solely for inclusion on this weeks blog.

The world is in a a lot of trouble and there are many people looking for answers to all the mess that we find ourselves in. As a Prophet of God I can tell you that the answers for those questions and problems will not be found by asking and relying on the government or people of like mind. God knows the world better than we do, after all he created it and it was he who formed it and made is stay in its place in the heavens. As a people we are being torn apart by scare tactics by the government and particularity scare tactics about the end of the world and global warming. We are being told that if we don't do something now there wont be a world for our children to inherit, it will die and it will be us that is to blame for this. Let me just say now that God will never allow this world to die, it will be made whole once again when he comes, there will be no destruction of the earth no global warming will destroy this mighty work that has been done. The world or the planet is in safe hands, Gods hands. However I am not saying that God will prevent disaster happening such as floods and fires and earthquakes and the like, but we must remember why they happen. What I am going to say now may come as a shock to many but this is the case. When we as people forget the Lord and deny his existence and we forsake him and become an unrighteous people we are no longer under Gods protection and covenant, no matter how much we hate to hear this being said its true we are being punished by God for our wickedness, that's the truth of it and the only way that we can save ourselves is by turning back to God and asking him for forgiveness. The problems will get worse no matter how much recycling and cutting down your carbon footprint you try to do. It want matter if you put your plastic bottles in to a different container to your glass or your potato peeling in to a different container to your meet, all of this deflects from the real problem and that problem is that we have forgotten God and we have become as Sodom and Gomorrah Now know that things will get worse we know that it will take the saviour himself return to usher in a a thousand years of peace, but as Christians and Mormons we believe that we must still remain faithful even though all around us people are loosing there heads and are not doing as God commands we must remain strong as resolute until God calls us out. My friends, The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ have the answers that all of you are looking for and we have talked to allot of people already, however we are living in the last days when the times of the Gentiles is soon to be fulfilled don't be left out in the cold and dreary world come unto us and we will take you in and give you refuge form the darker storms that are coming. God bless you all and my the Lord keep you in his thoughts.

I would like to thank the prophet for his sermon and ask you all to pray on hat he has said and take up his challenge. Now as promised the new pictures from the artist

To the left we have a picture of Zinon speaking to his forces before the Great battle. To the Right we have the Library of Nimdoa that was shown to the three Righteous Brothers. I'm sure that you will agree that the quality and texture of thee pictures is wonderful

I hope that this weeks blog has helped you or inspired you in some way please remember to email us or contact us if you are interested in anything todo with the church. have a great week. God Bless

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