Thursday, 8 November 2007

Hello and welcome once again. Well another week has gone by and it is drawing ever closer to Christmas a very special time of year for all Christians and believers. For The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ December is a very special month as not only do we celebrate the birth of the Saviour but we also have our winter General Assembly meeting. Our winter GA is a time for the church to gather together and invite others to join with us. The winter GA this year is to be held on the 16th of December at ten o’clock in the morning. This year’s winter GA will be focusing on the birth and childhood f the Saviour Jesus Christ so this is a great time for our members to invite others to come and join with us.

For all those that have ordered the second edition of the Book of Jeraneck we have some bad news. The book that was due for completion at the printers by the end of November has had to be put back a couple of weeks due to their being a problem at the printers. Once again we apologise for nay inconvenience this may course but we are endeavouring to get the books dispatched before Christmas, once again please accept our deepest apologies and if you wish to contact us about this issue then please feel free to get in touch with us via the email.

We feel that we need to state our position on a few things before we go any further with this post this week. A couple of questions have been asked of us this week and an answer is needed to clear up any misunderstanding. Firstly we believe in the Saviour Jesus Christ, so much so that his name is in the title of our church. We believe Joseph Smith was and still is a Prophet of God. We believe that Joseph Smith did not call a successor to the Prophetic seat in his life time upon the earth. We believe that Brigham Young was not called of God to lead the remnant of the church. We believe that all those that stood and said they had been chosen to lead the church after Joseph’s death did so without the blessing of the Lord. We believe that the revelation that Joseph had at Carthage gaol before he died came true, in which the church was torn apart from within. We do not condone polygamy we see it as unscriptural and unsupportable in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon and we see its practise as a sin. We do not have any ties with the LDS church in Utah neither do we wish any, although they proclaim to be the church that was established by Joseph Smith this is unsupportable and that claim is made by all the churches that were established at the time of Joseph’s death once again fulfilling prophesy given to the Prophet Joseph Smith before he died. We see it as our holy mission to bring all Gods children into this church The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ, and to bring them to a knowledge of Joseph Smiths original teachings and to bring them to a knowledge of the Book of Jeraneck. We believe that the Book of Jeraneck is a holy book of scripture just as the Bible and the Book of Mormon. We believe That Matthew Philip Gill was called by God to be a Prophet of God and to lead the Lords church. We do not believe in forcing people to join our church or tricking them in to doing so by promising things that are not true. However we do believe that it is our right to talk to people and to try and teach them the gospel of Christ.

As we have previously stated on other blog posts until the end of the year we will be asking for donations to the Zion’s Camp fund. So once again if you can pledge £29.99 to us to help Zion’s Camp become a reality please pay through pay pal or a cheque if you are paying though pay pal please state that its is for the Zion’s Camp Fund using the following email If you are paying by cheque then make it payable to The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ and send it to the address below. If you wish to make a donation that is not money but other things then once again send them to our address:-55 Sherbourne Drive,Hilton,Derbyshire,England,DE65 5NJ

We hope that all that have read this week’s blog post will have been uplifted and we hope that you have felt the spirit. We would like to welcome all of you to attend our winter GA on the 16th of December and join with us in celebrating the birth and childhood of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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