Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Our General Assembly meeting approaches the 16th of December is the date that has been set aside for our winter GA and we are all looking forward to it very much. We hope that you will be able to join with us and come and partake of the spirit at winter GA.

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Prophet Joseph Smith can be talked about freely. We would like to ask all of you who have a belief based around Joseph Smith to re-examine what you believe. We are not here to slam any one or what they believe we are however a church that proselytes and we feel it our duty to talk to every one about the gospel no matter what age or colour you are. We have been bomb barded again this week by what can only be called malicious and unprovoked attacks upon what we believe in, we have given no one course to do this, we have not commanded any one to join us rather we have given then the freedom to choose for them selves what they believe in. I feel that I need to remind every body what The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is all about and I’m sorry to say that no matter what we put on this blog site there will always be those that disagree with what we are saying and what we believe, we don’t mind that, what we do mind is people being hateful and un-Christ like about the whole thing. We will continue to talk and teach and preach until we are told not to do so by that particular person, and even then we will still talk about Christ as he is our Saviour no matter if you believe other wise. We love every one, we may not like what you do but we love you never the less. To all those that say that they are comfortable with what they believe or are just comfortable going to a church without really knowing if what they are doing is true or not. We say this. You must re-examine what you re doing! To feel comfortable is fine but when you attach yourself to a church that clams to be the “ONLY TRUE CHURCH” you had better be more than just comfortable you must have a knowledge and know what you are attaching yourself to is true and form God. We hope that we may continue to talk and discuss in a manner which is pleasing unto God without having to resort to hatred and unchristian like attitudes.

The concept video trailer of the book of Jeraneck was uploaded on to youtubbe last week and it is being received very well if you wish to go to it please follow the link we hope that you like it and that you get a feel of what we would love to do with the Book of Jeraneck one day. The proposed date to get the second editions out to people is as some of you will be ware a little sketchy at the moment due to a problem at the printers….we are working one it!

Once again as we have previously stated on other blog posts until the end of the year we will be asking for donations to the Zion’s Camp fund. So once again if you can pledge £29.99 to us to help Zion’s Camp become a reality please pay through pay pal or a cheque if you are paying though pay pal please state that its is for the Zion’s Camp Fund using the following email If you are paying by cheque then make it payable to The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ and send it to the address below. If you wish to make a donation that is not money but other things then once again send them to our address:-55 Sherbourne Drive,Hilton,Derbyshire,England,DE65 5NJ

God bless you all and may god shine upon you. Amen.

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