Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hello and welcome once again to the official blog site for The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ. To the right you will see one of the first batch of pictures that has been done for the children's Book of Jeraneck by the Artist lettmann, I'm sure you will all agree that it is exceptional work that she is doing for us. Well as i said another week and another video presentation. We have been inundated with questions over the last week and the Prophet has chosen a just a few of those questions to answer on the video presentation, we hope that the answers that have been given have been done in a way that is easy to understand. The Prophet of the church has dealt with some issues on this week video blog that we believe needed answering and getting out in to the wider world.

We hope that you continue to send in your questions and as the Prophet has said in his video presentation that if you feel that there is something missing in your life, a void that never seems to be filled, that you will come and join with us in worshiping the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. To those of you that are among the LDS(Utah) faith that feel that they have been disenfranchised or who feel that there needs are not being met will come to us so that we can add to your belief and fulfil your needs, the gospel of the Saviour Jesus Christ is here and it is alive today in The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ. God bless you all and have great weekend

Q&A On The Word of Wisdom part one

Q&A On The Word of Wisdom Part Two

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