Tuesday, 25 March 2008

We hope you have had a great Easter and that you were able to spend some of that time reflecting on the saviour and turning your thoughts to what Easter is all about. The ester and Passover celebrations here we very good and we had a wonderful Sunday sacrament meeting where all the talks were based on the Easter story and the saviour’s atonement.

As promised Elder Phil Gill was able to do a video and we have pasted here along with this weeks blog. It is the first time that someone other than the Prophet has done a video so we hope that there will be questions sent to the email, and that it will generate some interest. The church is progressing very well and the wok is getting done the message is being spread and people are becoming engaged. Wonderful things are happening with revelation being given on a daily basis. The Apostle David Smith was given a dream from the Lord last week and the Prophet had a fulfilment of a revelation this week, so the Lord is working his mighty miracle and everything is coming together just as the Lord promises it will. We hope you enjoy the new video presentation given by Elder Phil Gill. God bless you throughout this week.

A Personal testimony From Elder Philip Gill

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