Thursday, 17 April 2008

Firstly we would like to thank all those that have been emailing us and sending questions to be raised on the video presentations, we thank you for your continued support and your help, God bless you.
Well it has been one of the most exciting weeks that the church has had for a long time. On Sunday just gone we had and investigator meet with us and after our services and a meeting with the prophet he has decided to be baptised. Michael our investigator is a wonderful person who will bring a lot to the church. He has a spirit that shouts out with the love of the Lord, I’m sure that Michael will be a wonderful member and brother, we look forward to working and worshipping with him. Michael’s baptism will take place on Sunday the 27th of April and of course it promises to be a wonderful event.
The Latter day Church of Jesus Christ also has its first General Assembly of the year coming up on the 4th of May. The General Assembly which is the first one of the year always promises to be a wonderful event which sets out the year’s goals and aspirations for the year. If you wish to come to the general assembly then please call in advance for the start time.
This week we will not be having a video presentation that will continue next week however we would like to share with you a wonderful poem written by the Prophet Jospeh Smith-

This poem was published in the Church's official paper, the Times and Seasons on February 1, 1843. In this poem it tells of a vision that Joseph had had, Joseph had beheld a heavenly vision in which he was shown the condition of those individuals who inherit Celestial Glory. He tells of having been given the knowledge that they who attain Celestial Glory will be "equal in power, dominion and might, with a fullness of glory and grace, round Heavenly Father's throne."
Not only was Joseph’s vision and poem made available to the Church members in America, but it was also published in Liverpool, England, in the Church's paper, The Latter-Day Saints' Millennial Star for August 1843, it was also printed in New York City in the New York Herald.

Joseph's Poem in Its Entirety
I will go, I will go, to the home of the Saints Celestial Glory,Where the virtue's the value, and life the reward;But before I return to my former estateI must fulfil the mission I had from the Lord....
I, Joseph, the prophet, in spirit beheld,And the eyes of the inner man truly did seeEternity sketch'd in a vision from God,Of what was, and now is, and yet is to be....
For while in the act of translating his word [producing the Inspired Version],Which the Lord in his grace had appointed to me,I came to the gospel recorded by John,Chapter fifth and the twenty ninth verse, which you'll see.
Which was given as follows:"Speaking of the resurrection of the dead,—"Concerning those who shall hear the voice of "the son of man—"And shall come forth:—"They who have done good in the resurrection "of the just."And they who have done evil in the resurrection "of the unjust."
I marvel'd at these resurrections, indeed!For it came unto me by the spirit direct:—And while I did meditate what it all meant, The Lord touched the eyes of my own intellect....
I beheld the celestial, in glory sublime; Which is the most excellent kingdom that is,—Where God, e'en the Father, in harmony reigns; Almighty, supreme, and eternal, in bliss.
Where the church of the first born in union reside,And they see as they're seen, and they know as they're known;Being equal in power, dominion and might,With a fullness of glory and grace, round his throne.
(Times and Seasons 4 February 1, 1843 also The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star 4 August 1843 and the New York Herald March 8, 1843)

God Bless you all for your continued viewing of the blog. we are sorry fpr any problems the last artical may have casued but we hope that this peopm makes up for what was a clerical oversight.

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