Friday, 4 April 2008

Hello and welcome once again to this weeks blog. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is working toward a lot of goals at the moment and the work that we are about is progressing nicely. We have had a lot of emails and lot of people viewing last week’s video by Elder Philip Gill. This week Elder Gill is doing a video presentation with regards to Zion’s camp. Elder Phil Gill a presiding officer in The Latter day Church of Jesus Christ makes a fresh appeal for funds for the establishment of Zion’s Camp and also talks about the topic of responsible husbandry of the earth.

We have had a magnificent week with people coming forward and contacting us with regards to joining the church. We are going to be having an investigator come and meet with us on the 13th of April and hopefully God willing he will feel the Spirit and join the church. We are just so overjoyed that someone has heard the message and they have felt the Spirit and they have felt that Matthew Gill our Prophet is called of God. Once again we call on all those that are in the LDS (Utah) Church and the other Mormon and Christan denominations that feel that they have been ignored or feel disenfranchised and feel that they have lost that personal connection with the Saviour Jesus Christ to come and talk to us and join with us, we have a lot to offer and we can give you back that personal relationship with Christ. It is great and overwhelming to know that the work that the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr started is finally being continued and is being appreciated, and that it is being done here at The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ.

We hope that Elder Philip Gill appeals for money for Zion’s Camp do not go unheard and that you donate. If you desire to donate please go to paypal and donate tan amount that you feel is appropriate. Please donate it to marking it for the attention of Zion’s Camp fund.

God bless you all and have a wonderful week. Next week Apostle David Smith will be making a video presentation, please look out for that.
An Appeal for Funds for Zions Camp

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