Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Dear brothers and sisters. I have recently had the opportunity to read the comments placed on the Juvenile instructor some time ago. After been told about it and what was said I thought that I would check it out. After reading the report I was shocked to see a report that was concise and informative, even if a little incorrect, however it was refreshing to see that this site and its mediators had taken the time to find out and analyze what was being said in an academic way rather than an unintellectual and scar mongering attitude that has to often been the case when these types of reports or posts have been made by other people such as those made on the Nauvoo forum.
After reading the report or post, I thought that I would glace through some of the comments. After glancing through the comments I was once again not shocked to see that some of the people who commented were doing so from a purely ill informed position. For instance there is one women o the comments section by the name of Christine that pleased with people not to send u money by saying
“I repeat, do not send money for Zion Camp!” Comment by Christine — May 15, 2008 @ 8:5 am She then goes on to say
I know these people (the Gills) very well. The whole thing - the ‘breakaway’ church and especially the appeal for money turns my stomach. Comment by Christine — June 13, 2008 @ 3:02 pm
I would be very interested to know who you are Christine. The name rings no bells for me, but maybe if you stopped to contact us for yourself to find out what we really believe you would stop being so confused and upset by what you think we have done.
The above comments are just a few that were made until they were told to stop by the mediator on the site, at least someone on there had the backbone to tell them to stop and for that we tank you.
The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is not secret it is not shut away so that nobody can contact us we are always here to discuss the gospel with people and the restoration, we have never mad mention of the fact that we are some kind of secret religion that never talks to people, however this attitude has been permitted far to often by our persecutors.
Let me once again inform everyone out there that we believe in the Book of Mormon and in Joseph Smith as a Prophet of the restoration. We hold true to that fact that the early church was established by the Lord Jesus Christ to bring about a change and to bring about the true and living gospel of Christ once again upon the earth. We hold true to the belief that the 1835 D&C is the only copy of the D&C to have been approved by the prophet and the church as a whole and therefore stands as the only copy approved by God. We also hold true to the fact that the Kirtland Temple was and still is the only building built by the early saints and by the Prophet Joseph that was ordained of God to be his temple. We believe and hold true to the fact that the church ceased to exist when the Prophet was cruelly took from us in 1844 that he was not given to appoint another in his stead as the D&C tells us he would do. We hold true to the fact that the church at that time had fallen in to disobedience that there were men and women within the church doing things which Joseph Smith and others were trying to eradicate such as the practice of polygamy and other such practices, and because the church had been warned and not listened after the disobedience of Kirtland that if they feel in to error again that the Lord would withdraw from them the blessing of the gospel no successor was chosen. We believe and hold true to the fact that Brigham young and many others established churches after the death of the Prophet without authority from God and although they may have done good works or may now be in the process of doing good work they are not churches of God. We hold true to the fact that that the Lord has called forth his people again in this time to establish his church one again upon the earth. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is that church and has been ordained by God to stand as his kingdom upon the earth. We hold true to the Book of Jeraneck that stands as a further witness of Christ and his divinity. We hold true to the witness in the book of Jeraneck that the land of Britain is a chosen and choice land and that a righteousness people once inhabited its shores full of the love and grace of God ready to do that which was asked of them by him. We hold true that they just as those spoken of in the book of Mormon feel in to error and were slain from of the face of the land and only the wicked were left upon its shores. Many people criticize us because of the book of Jeraneck and its teachings. They accuse it of being fabrication and a book of the devil; however most of these people have never read the book and have never even picked up a copy. Many of these people find the same problems with the Book of Mormon and the Bible so we see no merit in there accusations. The Book of Jeraneck was given to us by the gift and power of God and we shall continue to give it to as many people as ask for it. It has touched many peoples lives, not just those attached to the church. It has influenced people all over the world to seek out the lord more in their lives and to pray more and to actively seek the lord. We hold true to the fact that the Lord has called a modern day living Prophet once again upon the earth and that we receive constant revelation concerning the coming of the Saviour and the last days, not to mention personal revelation concerning our own lives and actions. Revelation is an important part of the church and the gospel, the gospel of Christ can not function without it, it is the instrument that the Lord uses to convey things to us of great importance, revelation is spoken of in all the books of scripture and is a vital part of the latter day gospel. I do not understand churches that t profess to be the true church when they receive little if any modern revelation. We hold true to the fact that this revelation takes many forms that it comprises of lost scripture and new teachings give to us by God.
We have been accused also of being very similar to the LDS church and that we have a lot in common, I would like to disagree with that most whole heartily. The only things that we seem to have in common are that we both believe in Joseph Smith and even that can be different, as we believe in a different version of the man, just as we believe in different version of the book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants and the Bible, so in fact although on the face of it we might seem like we have a lot in common, we don’t. This church is lead by God and a real Prophet who speaks with God, not a president who stands as a CEO of a big global corporation.
Although we are small were are true and that stands for a lot. I hope that we are able t help and assist all those people that have become disillusioned by the big LDS church or the crumbling Community of Christ and all the other restoration groups who have no substance. I want you to know that we stand ready to help and assist you in your continued journey to eternal salvation. Please if you are one of these lost sheep, get in touch with us and let us add to the knowledge that you already have, let us show you the gospel of Christ is alive and it is talking to the people today.
God bless you all

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