Monday, 1 September 2008

It has been a while since the blog page has been updated and this has caused some people to wonder weather or not the church is still operating. Let me assure everyone that The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is still here! We have not ceased to operate and the wok continues and it continues with the blessing and love of the Saviour Jesus Christ.
The progress of the work is something that is going from strength to strength and is a work in progress. The church has never claimed to be a big multi conglomerate entity, in fact we have stressed on many occasions that we are here not to compete with those churches but to do the work of the Lord, a work that we are doing very well. The Book of Jeraneck has been received in many counties on many different continents and it has fulfilled the purpose for which it was given to us. We have done all that the Lord has commanded concerning the Book of Jeraneck and we have done it with very little resource. The Book of Jeraneck like many books of scripture is had for both good and bad, it had been received on the whole very well but like all good things there is opposition that still exists and that this fine. We have never stated that people can not have differing opinions on the book or even different opinions about the church; all we have asked is that we be given a chance to tell our side of the story before people listen to gossip or hearsay.
The work and our message is being greatly received at the moment in the United States were many people have contacted us with a view to joining the church and becoming active in our mission. The Lord is preparing that fertile ground so that one day a branch of Zion may be erected. This is pleasing to us as we know that the American continent is the Promised Land and that Zion shall be built upon that continent. To all those that live in the United States and have expressed a willingness to join the church please take the time to pray about your decision and to read the material that we send after this if you still wish to united with us then that can be accomplished.
All in all the Lord is working a mighty miracle at the moment and the past disappointments are well and truly behind us, as we march on to our final goal. To all those that have tasted the waters of baptism an have rejected the message I implore you to get back on to the straight and narrow path and hold firm to the iron rod, for only true and enduring happiness can be fund in the church of God and that is here. To all those Mormons of what ever denomination you belong who are felling unappreciated and underused, I say this, we have a work for you here at The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ. There is much we can offer you and much we can add to what you already know to be true. Please contact us we standby ready to help and assist you.
Once again brothers and sisters, God bless all of you and please continue to read the blog and email the church, we are always happy to receive emails form people and to help those looking for the light. God Bless.
(Picture from The upcoming Childrens Book of Jeraneck)

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