Monday, 19 January 2009

What a great end to the week the church has had. We have seen great work coming out of the Leicester area with Elder Michael S. Clarke out doing missionary work and getting things moving up in his area. Elders Kyle & Andrew Alverson are doing well and have been in touch this week. The work is going forward really well at the moment and we expect it to keep going. Sunday was a great meeting with a new revelation being delivered to the church concerning the tribulation and the coming of the Messiah. The new revelations that the Lords flock have had are really helping us to understand the time sin which we are living along with renewing our love and relationship with the Saviour.

The Book of Mormon takes centre stage this year with the church studying this wonderful book of scripture in Sunday school. Over the weekend the churches monthly news letter The Times & Seasons was sent out to all those that have requested it and given to all its members. The Times & Seasons is a wonderful opportunity for the church to share uplifting stories and also for people to know what is going on in the church and to read a monthly message form the prophet on a wide range of issues. We would like to thank all those that have helped with input for The Times & Seasons and also to Vicki Gill for arranging The Times and Seasons so beautifully. Keep a look out for next months when Elder Clarke will be submitting an article to be included. If any one out there wants to subscribe to the Times & Seasons then pleases get in touch and we will arrange for a monthly delivery of the newsletter.

All in all our little flock is doing well and are looking forward to the day when we shall be able to reach more people and to share our message with a larger audience, it is refreshing to know that every morning the church receives new emails of encouragement and of support from all over the world and even here in the UK. So from everyone here at The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ we hope you have a good week and that you are able to be touched by the spirit and feel the presence of the Lord in your lives. God Bless to all our fiends and supports all over the world.

Truly this is a day long to be remembered by the Saints of the last days, a day in which the God of heaven has begun to restore the ancient order of His kingdom unto His servants and His people, a day in which all things are concurring to bring about the completion of the fullness of the Gospel, a fullness of the dispensation of dispensations, even the fullness of times; a day in which Jehovah has promised should be made known in His own due time unto His servants, to prepare the earth for the return of His glory. (Jospeh Smith)

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