Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is making its scriptures and other items available for everyone to buy and to read and for this reason we are posting a price list of the scriptures here on the blog site so that those who wish to buy them can do so. If you wish to buy them please pay through PayPal this is the safest and easiest way of making sure that your purchase goes through. The following are the list of scriptures that are available and also the cost:-
The Official Church Edition of The 1830 Book of Mormon: - £20.00 + P&P
The Book of Jeraneck: - £15.00 +P&P
The Book of Prophecies & Revelation: - £13.00 +P&P
The Church News Letter The Times & Seasons: - £3.00 a month or £36.00 a year
The Book of Jeraneck Picture Collection (28 pictures):- £200

Once again if you wish to purchase any of these please send an email to the attention of Sister Vicki Gill and then send payment via PayPal and we will dispatch your order as quick as we can.

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is led by living Prophet. His name is matthew Gill. This Prophet is not aloof from others he lives a normal life with his family, if you check out our sister site Gods place you will see. The crowing glory of the church in these latter days is that the Prophet can be contacted and can be spoken to and that he is speaking with God and revealing truths that have been lost to us over time. The Lord God is very much at the head of our church and it is only though him that we have the things that we have in our lives today. The church has not only been blessed with a modern living Prophet who speaks to God today but we have additional scripture given to us by the power of God. The Book of Jeraneck takes place at around 2500 BC and it speaks to us today and tells of a people that lived here upon the British Isles and believed in the Lord God. The Book of Jeraneck tells of there struggles and there teachings and clarifies things that were confused or even lost to us. The Book of Jeraneck we compiled by the last Prophet of the people of Light, Jeraneck. Jeraneck was the last Prophet of the people and we believe he died between 150-130 BC. It is a book of belief that was hidden until our time to come forth to reveal to us that the Lord had established upon this land a people that believed in him and loved him.

Please take the time to read this wonderful book brought to us today through a living Prophet of God and that has been given to us by God to help us understand the past and future of our land and our people. The book of Jeraneck has touched many people’s lives and has helped them come closer to the Lord through reading it. Of course it has its critics and it has its persecutors but then again so does the Bible and the Book of Mormon. All the critics in the world do not detract from its truth and its message. We believe that if you read it with an open heart and mind and do not read it with malice already in your heart then the spirit will do what Jeraneck says and testify of the truth of his words. We hope you will take the time to read it and that the Lord will bless you with a witness that it is from him.

Please fell free to contact the church. We are here to talk and to testify of Christ.

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