Thursday, 11 June 2009

Much has been said of late about the secrets that Stonehenge and surrounding areas hold. A couple of weeks ago a Time Team special was aired in the UK about the secrets of Stonehenge being solved. I was able to see that time team special and was amazed at just how much information they had discovered that inadvertently supports the book of Jeraneck. It was a wonderful programme that dealt with what the team thought Stonehenge was built for, although we do not agree with much of what was said we do agree on some of the facts that were brought out. Before I go in to some detail it must be noted that on the Time team Special Tony Robinson the programme presenter made a statement about archaeologists coming up with theories to prove their own point of view. This must be strongly understood by any one who thinks that archaeologist’s theories are all sound and irrefutable. Archaeologists when faced with a problem they can not prove come up with theories that suit the current situation or there own point of view. This was exampled on the show a couple of times when Tony Robinson said to a member of the archaeology group “You don’t know do you” in answer they said "no" but it was ‘probably the case’ they don’t know they only theories many points about Stonehenge.

On of the things that they have been finding a lot at Stonehenge is bodies or graves. On the show they numbered a small number of bodies or remains that they have found in a and around the stone monuments that make up Stonehenge. This backs up the Book of Jeraneck. In the book of Jeraneck we know that people were killed at Stonehenge in a bloody battle. We also know from the Book of Jeraneck that many of the bodies were burned or left to rot on site. A great highway lead to the temple in says in the book of Jeraneck. It just so happens that they have high way leading to the Stonehenge site a great chalk highway. They have also found a small village near Stonehenge and they know that people lived near by. Lots of examples were given in the programme that after reflection back up the record kept by the people of light and back up the words of Jeraneck. On of the things that they found on the programme was a large stone or stones that were places as a marker they thought to lead the way to Stonehenge. In the book of Jeraneck we know that the people erected a great stone near to the temple in the tribute to Sharaneck for being great leader, could this be the same stone? I think its worth remembering that if a dig was done on Stonehenge to prove the validity of the book of Jeraneck you could find much evidence to support it, but on the other hand much could be found to discredit it. Although finding evidence and tangible proof is nice it should not be the basis of a testimony in its validity one should do as Jeraneck asked us to do and pray about its truthfulness.

I believe that Stonehenge is a sacred place indeed all around about the area are great monuments and building that were left behind by a great race of people it is nice to see that the fruits of the people of the Book of Jeraneck can still be seen even today, but I believe that it should stand as warning to us. Look upon their lost civilisation and ask what we are doing to avoid the same fate.

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