Sunday, 15 April 2012

Scripture Reading: Book of Jeraneck, Records, 1:63 "...Be holy and sanctified, Be baptised in his name..."

“Behold them and practise [these commandments] for they are from the Almighty God and they shall not be held in disregard by any one. They are thus: Be righteous and obedient and clean, Be holy and sanctified, Be baptised in his name, Bring your self to the holy temple to become one and be cleansed before the Almighty, You are to come into the holy temple and be married to your husband or wife and become one, just as the Son and the Father have done. Follow the teachings of the Almighty. Whether they be written upon plates of metal, whether written upon Zerith, whether written upon Amarith, whether written upon paper. Meet together often so that you may feel of the blessings of the Lord with others of like mind.”
- Book of Jeraneck, Records of the Religious Practices of the People of Light, 1:63

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