Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scripture Reading: Book of Jeraneck 15:29-32 "...I decided to kneel and ask the Almighty for answers..."

"I, Jeraneck, being thirteen years of age, was led by the spirit of the Lord into a valley and from that valley into a great forest; and while I was in this forest my mind became centred on the things of the Almighty in so much that I desired to know of many things. And it was while I was wondering in my mind that I decided to kneel and ask the Almighty for answers to all the things that I wondered after. It was while I was pouring out my heart unto the Almighty that a great light gathered and I beheld in that light a parsonage and I became afraid and I was about to get to my feet and run when the personage spoke to me and his voice was like thunder and it shook me to my very soul and I stayed kneeling upon the ground and I listened to the personage and he said unto me. ‘Jeraneck, behold I am the Almighty, the Lamb, the Holy One of Heaven.'"

- Book of Jeraneck, Ch. 15:29-32

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