Monday, 23 July 2012

Reading: "For you have brought together my people" Jeraneck 9:22-24

While on their journey to the lands of the south and the city of the People of Light, Misamaneck prayed unto the Lord that the people might be glad to be joined with the People of Ridnon and Limndon and he cried unto the Lord and the Lord spoke unto him from heaven saying, “The work that you have done and your brothers have done is great in my sight and it has pleased me greatly. It has been the greatest work that has been done on the face of the earth.  For you have brought together my people, and my people are now one, but behold a time will come when a great calamity will befall your people because of their pride and it is your responsibility along with your brothers to preach unto the people against pride, for it is of the evil one and not of me. Now go my faithful servant, you have served me well.” 

- Book of Jeraneck 9:22-24

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