Friday, 29 March 2013

Reading: "Behold, I bleed for you..." Jeraneck 16:42-45

And the Lord spoke unto me and said, “Behold my birth, for I will come in humble circumstances and I will bear witness of the Father and I will teach the Gospel unto all that will listen. Now look,” And I looked and I saw that he was older and in his mid years and I saw that he was in a garden and I saw that he bled from his skin and the Lord said unto me,

“Behold, I bleed for you and your people behold I bleed for all that have lived and will ever live. I bleed and take upon my self the sins of the entire world.” and then I saw that the people spat on him and whipped him and they placed thorns on his head and they nailed him to a tree in the form of a cross and there he died.

And my heart sank that the people would do this. Now the Lord commanded me to look and I saw that he had risen from the dead and that he walked upon the earth once again and that he did many great things unto the people.

Book of Jeraneck 16:42-45

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