Monday, 6 May 2013

The BBC and the Truth about Stonehenge

A note from Matthew P Gill: 
"Once again a programme broadcast on BBC claims to have unlocked the secrets of Stonehenge. This is yet another attempt to try and understand who built it and what purpose it served. However, just like other programmes and other ideas about this sacred structure, they grab at straws, not really knowing, but rather guessing with modern ideas what they would like the facts to be.
Another aspect of many of these programmes is the way in which they try to instruct us on the story of how and why it was built, much of which is guesswork and full of holes, which they fill with man made ideas with no historic or written evidence. Yet again, the Druids have been given far too much credit for this sacred site. Don't leave it to guesswork and unsupported theory. 
The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is able to bring to light the REAL reason that Stonehenge was built, and also what purpose it actually served, since we have the only written evidence from the time and from those who lived when it stood in all its glory, and for the glory of Almighty God. We call on all of mankind to discover the real history and story behind this sacred monument, because it was, and remains, a blessing for all peoples."
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