Saturday, 29 March 2014

Offical Statement: Same Sex Marriage

Today is the day that Britain gave same sex marriage equal footing with biblical marriage and the day that Britain slipped in to darkness and fell under condemnation from God. Let us be clear when we say that The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ continues to condemn the move taken by the government of the United Kingdom because it is at odds with the law of God and because of the actions of those who stand in government office and whom have made this decision the country will feel Gods condemnation at a point and time of the Lords choosing.  It must be understood that just because the public feel that it is a good move and one that should have been made means nothing in the sight of the church and also in the sight of God and his Law. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ will never allow marriage between same sex couples as it is a violation of Gods law and will remain that way regardless of what the law of the land says. We must be allowed to be able to say that we do not condone this violation and condemn it, just as those who agree with it are given endless time in the press to promote it. I t is our God given right to object to this law and we will defend our right to argue against it fiercely as God would want us to.

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