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Sermon: The Book of Jeraneck

Throughout history much has been written concerning those who once lived upon the Isles of Great Britain in the era some call the pre-history of the world. Much has been spoken of the people that built Stonehenge, Woodhenge and all the other stone monuments and burial grounds that are found throughout the lands of Great Britain, however not one of these so called historians has had any record or writing to base their claims and ideas on. But now a record has come forward written by those that lived anciently upon the land of Great Britain and much of what they have written will shock and destroy many of the false ideas that many of these learned men of the world have had to say concerning the past of those that lived long ago upon the land of Great Britain.

The book of Jeraneck stands as the record of a dying civilisation of early Britain which had constructed Stonehenge and the other Stone Circles, hill forts and burial mounds and other such places as meeting places and places of worship of Almighty God, the same God who brought them from the Tower of Babel to Britain to have them serve Him as His People. The book of Jeraneck answers fundamental questions that have perplexed historians for centuries, like: - What were the early peoples of Britain like? Where did the come from? What did they believe? And who built the ancient Megaliths like Stonehenge - and for what purpose?

Now those questions have answers and they are to be found within the pages of this record, The Book of Jeraneck.

Perhaps some of the most amazing people in the world are those whom we call the children of Araneck or the People of Light. These people lived in what is today’s United Kingdom and they lived anciently. The time period that makes up the book of Jeraneck spans from 3000 B.C to 800 B.C. It is within the time period known as the Bronze age between 2700-2000 B.C that that the ancient’s built stone monuments such as Seahenge also the greatest of all Stonehenge as it has come to be known and these wonderful monuments and temples have a great deal to do with the people and their worship and other things in particular. We know from secular archaeology that this was a great time of immigration to our Islands from continental Europe and the Book of Jeraneck tells us and these people came to be the elite and influence the whole population, bring with them a skill in refining metal and commerce and building.

It is then no coincidence that perhaps no other temple stands as a monument of which has drawn a lot of attention as Stonehenge. While there are many who attribute Stonehenge to that of the ancient druids, the truth is, it has much more to do with the Children of Araneck. In a real sense, it is the children of Araneck or the People of Light that are mistaken for what we call the Druids today. When we look back at some of the beliefs, there are some similarities but whatever similarities they may have had has been lost over time due to the wickedness and idolatry of the people that remained upon the land after the events of the book of Jeraneck.  One of the most influential people in the Book of Jeraneck and the one whom the book is named after was a man named Jeraneck who was the son of Isnah.

It is clear when we read the scared scriptures that Jeraneck had lived a life of clear understanding and he knew and was instructed in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is something that we find in common with those within the Book of Mormon, some, such as Nephi and others were also knowledgeable concerning Jesus Christ. The same also dates back to Genesis where we find mention of Jesus Christ. While most translations do not make this clear, the Inspired Version of the Holy Scriptures point’s this out to be the case. In our study, however, of this unique book of scripture, it will be well worth the effort to sometimes consider the parallels between the Book of Jeraneck and other scriptures, noting how sometimes they go almost hand in hand on what is taught, how they teach how they live and what their importance really are. As we look at this book, we will find it incredible to see the great details within it.

We see from reading and studying the book of Jeraneck that Jeraneck was greatly concerned for his people and especially so for their welfare. He wrote “For it is my people that have strayed from the paths of righteousness…” (BofJ 1:4) Here, we find how greatly concerned Jeraneck was, so much so that he probably felt at times all alone in holding true to the commandments of God. He also wrote “I am the last and living Prophet of the People of Light” (BofJ 1:3) and so here, we find that he was concerned about how there were no other prophets who would follow him and that although the Book of Jeraneck is just a small part of a larger work that we do not yet know about yet, for Jeraneck he is very well aware that this record that he is writing could be the only one that survived and therefore could prove to be the only one we ever have from his people, the pressure was one and he delivered.

Now let us turn our attention to Stonehenge and just how important Stonehenge is, why it was, what its purpose is and how we can apply it to our understanding of the Gospel. So then, just why was Stonehenge built and, where there others built? For Latter Day Mormons, this most special of places is a link to the past like we have never before seen, it gives us a tangible link to the Book of Jeraneck and we find that in historical evidences, archaeologists have uncovered other sites where henges and Stonehenge were built, most all of them are in England and in Europe. It is interesting that when we see this and then when we look at the Book of Jeraneck we read “Behold a commandment I give to you that you are to mark your way unto this land for there will be other that I will command to come unto this land and they will be able to follow and find this pleasant and blessed land from the markers you shall leave. I will now show unto you, Araneck, the form that these signs must take, they are…” (BofJ 2:17-18). When we look at the henges which were built, both here and across Europe we find that there are thoughts going abroad in the world today that they must have been built by hands other than mans, and many believe as they do these days that aliens must have helped the people build them. Well, it would seem from reading the scriptures that this theory would almost, almost agree with what the Lord spoke to father Araneck “I the Lord will provide Angels to help you and your people and all things that are necessary for these markers to be built for many more people will follow these markers. Behold they will stand as a testament to your journey and a sign that I the Lord am great and I will bless all that do follow my commandments.” (BofJ 2:22-23). Now as we continue to study the book of Jeraneck we begin to find some precise information, information which only in recent time has for the most part, been supported by the findings of archaeologists and these finding all support what is written within the Book of Jeraneck. If anyone has ever visited just one of the many differing stone monuments that are in existence here in the U.K and Europe, they will know that the building of these great monuments was a massive. However when we look at them with an eye single to the glory of God we find that what most archaeologists say about these wonderful monuments is not exactly what scripture is now revealing to us concerning these massive structures. This is why that perhaps it is more important than ever that we look at the Book of Jeraneck and see just exactly what their importance really are, why they were really built and just what it is that they can teach us today if we allow them.

As Latter Day Mormons we all know that in other areas of the world, there are ancient buildings which were built to serve God and that they were built as temples—most of them as we are well aware were built to serve as temples to the Lord’s people and yet, science and secular archaeology with all its advances and so called knowledge does not know exactly their real meaning and purpose and why they were built and for whom they were built. But, that is where scripture comes into play, for scripture is both a knowledge and a history a history concerning what happened to the people that the scriptures pertain to and also a knowledge of God’s dealings with those people. Just as today, God’s people continue to write, so then in those days they wrote and they left us their history just as we are doing today for those in future generations. Yet, scientists and secular archaeology still cannot figure out the real meaning of these things, thus, that is one reason why the Church is so very important to the world and its understanding, so that we can teach people the real meaning to these questions and of course, many other questions that need answered.

We do not know exactly how many years it took to build all the many various henges and monuments that are in existence throughout the whole region of Great Britain and Europe, but, what we do know is that each one had to have the help of someone to build them, for we do know that the people of that period did not posses modern tools as we know them today and they more than likely did not possess the modern equipment that we are blessed with today such as cranes and heavy lifters, however this would probably not have profited them much any way, as we with all our modern technology struggle to build replicas of many of these monuments today. So as the scriptures tell us they would have needed supernatural help to show them how to build them and to what degree each one was to be built, yes, each one had to be built to exact measurements, perhaps this is one reason why the Lord had to reveal all the information which needed to be revealed concerning the building of these structures to his servants the prophets and why he sent angelic help.

Now, many people today think that many of these structures and monuments were ancient temples or some form of worship for the Druids. But, from scripture revealed to us within the Book of Jeraneck, we learn that they were temples to God, not the Druids and that the druids or priests that did use them after the fact would have perverted there use so from the revealed word of the scriptures we learn something quite different from what the world believe. We see from scripture and learn that many of the monuments were built to mark their way to the land so that others that God might command can follow and find that pleasant form that these signs must take thus, we now see why many were built and not all were for worship of any kind. If we want to go further into why they were built, we find that they are “great stone monuments” which stand to this day to the entire world as a testament of the journey the children of Araneck took and also as a testament to their faith in following the Lord. That is why they are built in the manner which they were built and why it is evidenced that they are built in the path that they were built—leading from the point where they were dwelling at to the point where the Lord took them to.

So then, what we learn from these ancient structures is that these people, the children of Araneck were very obedient in the building of them so that others God could command would be able to follow along and they did so in accord with the way that the Lord revealed and yes, it then becomes plain that yes, angels did come down and did help and assist in their being built. So the next time we visit these ancient structures after reading their history within the Book of Jeraneck we will begin I hope to take a deeper understanding and become clearer as to their purpose and the sacrifice that was made and to whom they built them.

It is a blessing to The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ and in turn to the world that we have been blessed with the record of the children of Araneck, not just for the historical record of the people which in itself has given us a greater understanding of the people who lived upon this land and others in our deep past, but also for the insights we gain about their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and their understanding of the gospel and their relationship with it. The Book of Jeraneck that was so painstakingly written in a time of great upheaval should stand as a witness of Christ, not just for us but for the entire world. We hope that this will deepen your love for our ancient brothers and for the gospel that they died to protect and to preserve upon our land, so the next time we pick it up to read let us remember and thank the Lord that we have this record to learn from and to enrich our lives

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