Saturday, 21 June 2014

Stand In Holy Places

The Lord has said that his house is to be a house of prayer a house of fasting a house of faith a house of learning, and a house of glory. The same should be said of our homes, whether they consist of a husband and wife, mother and child, or single sister, our houses can also be a house of the Lord and as Latter Day Mormons, and we can strive every day for our homes to be holy places given over to God. The Kingdom of God is and always will be anchored firmly in the divinely ordained family unit, tightly bound with the principles of righteousness, purity, and centred around our love and understanding of God, which we know through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Latter Day Mormon homes can and should be safe places of righteousness and spirituality set apart from the world a refuge where individuals are influenced by the living gospel principles every day of their lives. In such a home is made the strong place were our children can come to the safe harbour they need in such times of trouble and strife and temptation that are so readily available and in our faces on a daily basis. The Latter Day Mormon home should always be a place where children and young adults feel the love and nurture of Christ, Heavenly father and the family and where they may be at peace from the world around them, a place were they do not have to do battle with the evil that encompasses them in the world. Latter Day Mormon homes can and should be places to raise families of righteous sons and daughters, mothers and fathers a place where they can feel safe and loved and feel of the overwhelming love and nature of the presence of their Heavenly Father. If our homes are holy places, our children will work toward becoming strong and faithful members of the kingdom and work hard toward their eternal salvation and eventually work towards that goal with their own wives or husbands and eventually with their own children.

As Latter Day Mormons, it is important for us to remember that our homes should first and foremost always be homes of prayer, church attendance, and church service; all these things invite the Lords spirit in to our homes and in to our families. However some times some family members may be reluctant to attend church and take part in church activities, and in turn be even more reluctant to take an active part in family activities and so it is up to us to bring the beauty of the family unite to them and the wonderful spirit of church to them, to make church not just a building, a place for them to attend and receive judgement but a living breathing entity that lives with them all the day, all the week long.  We need to make them feel at church while they are at home; to bring some of the things of heaven in to the home is to insure that family members will move closer to church participation and in turn bring the family closer together, let us remember that there is no greater call than that of the family, the opportunity to emulate our heavenly home here on earth and to bring all our children to salvation.

Therefore brothers and sisters let us remember that as we strive in our homes to make them holy temples of God, places where we can stand in his name we can experience all that the Lord has promised us. The Holy Spirit will be present to comfort, to inspire, and to bless us and our families’ everyday of our lives and we will feel that spirit as we strive towards making our home a sanctuary from the world. So I say unto you let homes with gloomy foreboding and heavenly clouds of despair have their burdens lightened and their faith in God increased so they may feel the love of the Lord in their families, for themselves and their children and see the love of our Saviour envelope our children and steady the family on the rough waters of the world.

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