Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sermon: The Measure of Life

The population of the world differ widely in wealth and understanding often by life chances – some have intellectual talents, popular personalities, riches, education, or physical attributes that make them shine whilst others are laboured by extreme poverty, bodily limitations low academic attainment, or other handicaps. The extremes both bad or good of our circumstances of birth, cannot be explained. We just don’t know enough about all the various facets. However we do know as church members we  benefit from some basic, eternal principles that effect everyone.
First, we are extremely fortunate, as members in having access to the most expanded gospel of any Christian church. Book of Mormon, Book of Jeraneck, Inspired version of the Bible, and Doctrine and Covenants. 'all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ my Lord' (philip3:8) In worldly terms the gulf between poor and rich is in some cases vast however, in gospel terms all who embrace the gospel are rich above measure.
Second, the gospel teaches us that mortality is not the nadir of our of our existence but the gaining of a true understanding of us being literal, intelligent spirit children of pre-mortal heavenly parents. Our pre-mortal life definitely was a catalyst for the traits we now show it also has something to do with our religious opportunities here. (Alma13:2-11) Third, God our heavenly father directs the time and to those conditions we are born (Acts17:24-27).
Regarding Gods purpose here Nephi observed 'the Lord loveth  the world and doeth nothing save it be for the benefit of the world'  Joseph Smith received incite in this when he prayed about circumstances in Liberty jail: 'Know thou, my son, that all  these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good' In the grand scheme of things our earthly conditions probably mean little other than obtaining a body however our creators input into our spirit is crucial.
Thirdly, our time of birth and conditions are directed by God (Acts 17:24-27) these are no accident it is all planned. Finally a basic principle to understand is that we should not envy others who appear to have an easier lot in life. What are perceived as advantages such as riches, fame, or influence, may be a severe trial. If not balanced correctly these things can be the cause of spiritual death. On the other hand trials and persecution can be blessings to those who have them. having to exercise faith in spiritual matters just to survive. Mortal life is nothing to what is ahead of us.
In glory of our eternal life and In The Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Elder Phil Gill

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